Patrick BOULAROT: Managing Director

Quality Assurance Guidelines
PCB Quality Assurance
Management Responsibility
Quality Policy: “Management Statement”

CIREX FRANCE's reputation has been built on joint recognition in the following key areas:

  • Technical competence and professionalism in the areas of service delivery.
  • Specialized in the supply of high technology products for professional electronics.
  • Ability to respond to a service need on the part of its customers and this in a very short time.

Its sustainability is based on four main criteria:

  • Reactivity.
  • Ability to face increasingly fierce competition.
  • Ability to seize technical and technological development opportunities.
  • Invest in training and modern, high-performance communication tools.

Confronting the competition today means being ever more efficient, which means optimizing our resources.

Seizing opportunities is the possibility of ensuring survival in a changing world.

Reducing customer dissatisfaction is an example of seeking greater efficiency.

The historical partnership of CIREX FRANCE with LAO-TAY Group was a further step in the search for this total quality which requires ever more rigor and perseverance in mastering the functioning of the company's organization as well as in the behavior of each one.

In this context, total control of Quality is and must remain a priority at all times.

I pledge to support and ensure the effectiveness of the momentum needed to achieve this.

IPC Normative Reference

All our printed circuits, from the simplest to the most complex, are checked throughout production to ensure a high level of quality.
These controls are carried out in full compliance with the international standard IPC class 2 (or IPC class 3 on customer request).