Quickturn prototype & small volume production

  • Engineering samples & prototypes.
  • Single-sided up to 42-layer count.
  • Operating in two shifts: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Diversified products and services

  • Providing a variety of materials (i.e., PTFE, Teflon, etc.) for microwave  applications, metal core, rigid-flex, etc. Achieving more than you can imagine.


Highest quality & reliable products

  • Impeccable quality system support
  • Delivering high reliability PCBs


On-time delivery

  • All that the name implies is quickness.

Process & equipment

CAM engineeringPar CAM (IGI), InCAM30
Film laser plotter (EIE SWISS)3
Dry filmUV exposure machine4
LDI (laser direct image)2
Thin core pre-treatment line1
Thin core etch/strip line1
CCD camera (punch A/W)1
Dry film laminator3
Automatic dry film laminator1
Thin core dry film developing line1
AOI systemCAMTEK Orion 706 (6/6 mils)1
CAMTEK Orion 868 (4/4 mils)1
Orbotech Discovery-OLB (1.6/1.6 mil)1
Orbotech Fusion 22 (1/1 mil)2
Gold platingElectrolytic hard gold plating line1
Electrolytic soft gold plating line1
Immersion gold plating line (ENIG)1
LaminationAutomated black oxidation line1
Vacuum lamination hot press (Vigor)6
Vacuum lamination cold press (Vigor)1
Vacuum high-speed lamination machine (Vigor)-Flex PCB1
Dual x-ray target drilling system (AbleTek) 1
DrillingNC drilling machine (160K RPM) Tongtai;Spindle number:40
NC drilling machine (160K RPM) Takisawa;Spindle number:6
NC drilling machine (200K RPM) Via tecnology;Spindle number: (2014)6
Pre-treatment (belt scrubbing & micro-etch)1
Laser drill (Mitsubishi-ML605GTWⅡ-H)1
X-ray (registration controller)1
Copper plating Chemical desmear (permanganate) & PTH line 1
Plasma desmear (2014)1
High-pressure hydraulic de-burr line1
Surface copper subtracted line1
Panel plating line1
Acid cupric chloride etching line1
HDI via filled copper plating (Two baths)1
HDI via filled copper plating (one bath)1
Pattern plating line1
Alkaline ammonia etching line1
Solder maskSurface pre-treatment line1
Semi-auto printing machine4
UV exposure machine (7 KW)2
Optical alignment exposure machine (8 KW)1
Solder mask developing line1
LED direct imaging (SCREEN)(2014)1
SilkscreenPrinting workstation (manual)3
UV exposure machine (3 KW) for stencil1
Inkjet legend printer (Sprint-100 Orbotech)2
FabricationCNC router machine (18 spindles)6
Beveling machine1
V-groove machine1
Electrical test Dedicated tester (SINK)1
Flying probe type testers7
Emma (ELX6146-limitation by 5 mils)1
Emma (E4M6151-limitation by 2 mils)(2014)1
Mania (U8-Board size 24” x 27” Max.)
TDR measurementPolar CITS500S1
Polar CITS900S41
Agilent E5063A ENA Series network analyzer (2014)1
FQCHole counter1
IR reflow1
Final cleaning machine1
ShippingVacuum packaging machine2